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Pre-Collegiate / Career Program

When Granville Academy of Waterbury was first founded in 1992, it served youth of Greater Waterbury in grades 8-12. Due to the success of the program and the overall need to engage students at an earlier age, today Granville has its program to benefit students as early as second grade. Through the launching of the Foundation Program (2011), Enrichment Program (2008) and Summer Program (2004); Granville Academy offers a diverse range of educational activities for students of all ages.


Nonetheless, the original segment of Granville Academy remains intact. Now known as the Pre-Collegiate/Career Program, this portion of the Academy continues to function as a gateway between high school students and their future career endeavors.

The Pre-Collegiate/Career Program is segmented into five different parts. Each phase is comprised of students in a particular grade (ranging from 8th through 12th). Within these phases, students, under the instruction of their phase leaders, tackle learning objectives and engage in an exciting yet rigorous curriculum.


Phase I: Eight Grade (Algebra)

Phase II: Ninth Grade (Public Speaking w/ Toastmasters)

Phase III: Tenth Grade (Writing Workshop)

Phase IV: Eleventh Grade (SAT/ACT Preparation)

Phase V: Twelfth Grade (The College Process)

Each phase of the Pre-Collegiate Program is designed to develop and enhance our students’ educational skills and proficiency. Collectively, the Pre-Collegiate/Career phases provide a progressive groundwork for students preparing to enter the global marketplace. Students that consistently attend our program have a proven advantage when transitioning post-high school into higher education and/or the workforce.

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