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Granville Academy of Waterbury, Connecticut (GAW) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3), afterschool collegiate and career preparatory program. The mission of the academy is, “to train students to understand and prepare to work in the global marketplace; as it is today and as it is evolving locally and around the world”.


The Academy was founded in 1992 by brothers Ernest and Maurice Mosley. The Mosley brothers, both Waterbury natives, saw a need to address the problems encountered by inner-city youth in their hometown. Together, they designed a program to give students an introductory knowledge of business and industry. This included an understanding of the language, foundation, and environment of the free-enterprise system.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

― Nelson Mandela

The Mosley brothers eventually developed a formula that included the conceptual buy-in of students and families. Additionally, through partnerships created with educational, business, religious, civic and community leaders; GAW established a network of opportunities to facilitate the development of youth inside and outside the classroom. Such an outlet allows Granville to tap into the potential of young people and, ultimately, inspire and compel them to achieve the highest of their goals.


In its early years, GAW primarily served students in grades 8-12. In 2008, seeing the need to engage students at a younger age, Granville launched its “Pilot Program” and began accepting students down through the 5th grade. In 2011, Granville integrated even lower by admitting students as young as 3rd grade.


Currently, Granville Academy of Waterbury is segmented into three parts: Foundation Program (Grades 3-5), Enrichment Program (Grades 6-7) and Pre-Collegiate/Career Program (Grades 8-12). Each division of GAW focuses on specific educational components and objectives that embody the organizational mission statement. Furthermore, each program curriculum is geared towards the segment’s grade and age range. Such objectives include teaching fundamental skills in mathematics and reading; imparting behavior management skills; and SAT and college preparation. Students also gain exposure to the science, technology, engineering & mathematic (S.T.E.M.) disciplines. Such exposure is implemented through classes, project-based activities, guest speakers, and educational field trips. GAW holds its educational sessions at Jonathan Reed Elementary School and Waterbury Arts Magnet School, respectively.


Now in existence for over 20 years, Granville Academy of Waterbury has a proven track record when it comes to its approach. Since 1992, GAW has graduated over 1,500 students. Additionally, Granville awards many of our student graduates scholarships to pursue higher education. Among these graduates, over 95% enrolled in a college or university. Over the years, many of our Granville alumni go on to graduate from the top schools in the nation. Some of these institutions include: Yale University, Howard University, Temple University, Spellman College and University of Connecticut School of Law.


The community of Granville Academy of Waterbury alumni includes professionals in the fields of engineering, science, education, nursing and government. Many alumni return to GAW to mentor, teach and educate the youth; thus bringing the comprehensive vision of the Mosley Brothers full circle.

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