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Foundation Program

(Grades 2-4)

The success of the Reasoning Mind Math Program has been verified not only by program evaluation methods, but parents also confirm that students enrolled in the Reasoning Mind Math Program show improved classroom scores as well as improved critical thinking skills. Additionally, enrolled students have a great time learning and engaging in study materials.

In recent years, Granville Academy of Waterbury expanded its programming down through the second grade. In doing so, the Reasoning Mind Math Program was launched. Headed by lead teacher Jeanne Harris, the program is held every Monday and Tuesday from 5:00PM to 6:00PM at Jonathan E. Reed Elementary School. During each session, students engaged in a fun, self-paced and interactive online mathematics session. Per" A successful math instruction program requires a focused, rigorous curriculum. It emphasizes deep and critical thinking, introduces algebraic thinking in the early grades, and provides all the tools necessary to master each concept." 

For more information please contact Jeanne Harris at (203) 707-1155 or email

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